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Three Ways to Celebrate Easter with Regency

The sun shining on our residents and winter finally beginning to loosen its grip, it’s the perfect time to celebrate spring and the Easter season. Just like all other special holidays, we’re here to help you maintain your favorite Easter traditions (or create new ones) while living with us at Regency.

1. Invite family and friends to an activity! Our event coordinators do an excellent job of planning events, so be sure to check the activities calendar! You can invite your family members or even friends who do not live at Regency to share in the event or meal. Begin a new tradition that you all can look forward to each Spring!

2. Participate in your favorite tradition. Perhaps every year you colored Easter eggs, made cards for soldiers over seas, or even volunteered at a local charity. There’s no reason you can’t continue this tradition, regardless of where you are living. Keeping up a treasured tradition can help you and your friends feel at home on Easter morning.

3. Enjoy the awakening of spring! If you can, take an opportunity to get outdoors and shake off those winter blues. Go for an after-lunch stroll with a family member or friend, and enjoy the changing weather and promise of a new season. If it’s still too cold or you’re not mobile, at least spend some time near a window to soak in the sunshine’s Vitamin D and think about the warmer days to come.

Spring is a wonderful time of new beginnings and memories. At Regency you can continue to make wonderful Easter memories for years to come.