Learn More About Our Response to COVID-19

Riverwood Senior Living
November 2020

Riverwood Senior Living C.O.O. Jeff Clay has issued the following statement:

We continue to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the CDC, CMS, and the various states where Riverwood Senior Living serves our residents. As these guidelines and recommendations continue to change, our community leaders will have updates, at times specific to their locations.

Safeguarding the health and well-being of those in our care at Riverwood Senior Living is our top priority at all times, as is the protection of the general public. We know this continues to be a trying time for our residents and their families. Riverwood Senior Living and our senior living staff members within each community are committed to helping families and residents communicate effectively during this time. We want to thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation as we all go through this together with the unified goal of ensuring the safety and care of those we serve.

Jeff Clay,
Riverwood Senior Living C.O.O.