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About Our Rome Retirement Home

Where peace of mind meets the comforts of home

For over 30 years, Riverwood Senior Living has provided North Georgia seniors with the care and assistance they need while preserving their independence. From independent retirement living to memory care services, we provide individualized, compassionate care for each resident. We are committed to caring for the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit through all the stages of life at our amazing retirement home.

At Riverwood Senior Living, we are a family caring for family.


  • What’s a good retirement home in Riverwood?
    Regency Retirement Village of Riverwood provides an exceptional retirement living experience for Riverwood area seniors, and has been doing so for more than 3 decades. As a continuing care retirement community, we provide compassionate care through the seasons of life.
  • Where can I find good memory care in the Riverwood area?
    Regency Retirement Village in Riverwood is a continuing care retirement community, providing compassionate care through the seasons of life, offering independent retirement living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehab services.
  • What are some benefits of living at Regency Retirement Village Riverwood?
    At Regency Retirement Village Riverwood, residents can enjoy a pampered, carefree lifestyle filled with activities, chef-inspired meals, weekly housekeeping services, and a friendly, family-like atmosphere. Residents also have access to services like memory care, skilled nursing, and rehab services should they need them.
  • What is a well-established retirement community in Riverwood?
    Regency Retirement Village in Riverwood has been providing seniors and families with fulfilling and accommodating living experiences for more than 20 years now, and the environment created is something truly special, offering an array of services, amenities, and activities to keep residents occupied, active, and happy.
  • Is it difficult for seniors to transition to assisted living?
    While transitioning from home to assisted living can provide many challenges, rest assured, our dedicated staff at Regency Retirement Village in Riverwood will be with you and your loved ones every step of the way, throughout the entire process. During this transitional time, it is our community consultant’s mission to better understand the requirements, capabilities and interests of our residents and their families to provide the best senior care for each resident in this new season of life.
  • What Riverwood retirement homes encourage independence for seniors?
    At Regency Retirement Village of Riverwood, we provide attentive support for your senior loved ones, while also encouraging an independent lifestyle. As a continuing care facility, we are here to provide varying senior care options, as needs evolve over time. For residents requiring ongoing care, it is our mission to continually provide quality assistance and support so every resident feels comforted, engaged, and happy.
  • What is a continuing care facility?
    At a continuing care facility, like Regency Retirement Village Riverwood, caregivers provide varying options for senior care, because we know that needs evolve over time. We are here to assist residents in whatever capacity they need, and to give them access to the amount of freedom and independence they need as well. Our care is need-based and individualized to each resident per their wishes and condition.
  • Does Regency Riverwood offer a social environment for seniors?
    Yes, Regency Retirement Village of Riverwood offers a social environment for seniors. We believe keeping residents active and engaged is critical to their wellbeing, and our Activity Directors are always finding fun new ways to get residents involved in daily activities, events, and local happenings.
  • Where is Regency Retirement Village of Riverwood located?
    Regency Retirement Village of Riverwood is located at 2004 Max Luther Drive NW Riverwood, Alabama 35810. The grounds are spread across 30 beautiful acres, adding to its overall appeal.
  • How important is it for seniors to be active and social?
    Per the CDC, older adults can obtain significant healthy benefits with just a moderate amount of physical activity daily. We also know that having an active social life has been linked to many health benefits, such as less risk of depression and a longer life span for seniors.