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A New Year’s resolution can serve as inspiration throughout the year.

Even if a day or two is missed, returning to and maintaining the promise can bring about positive changes in one’s life, and help inspire and empower others! If you’ve had regular disparities between making New Year’s resolutions and keeping them, consider a few ideas below to make 2022 a year of goal setting, reflection, confidence, and community.

Goal Setting

Deciding on a resolution is an exercise in setting goals for yourself. Goals can provide direction for your day. A goal is a map that can give you an idea of where you are heading and what path you need to take. Not all goals have to be larger than life! Resolutions in particular can serve as fun, low-pressure goals. Think of them as practice for bigger life changes!.


Resolutions are opportunities to reflect on your past and decide what you’d like for your future. Too often people are rushing through daily life without stopping or slowing down to truly assess the impact of their actions. Resolutions help you reflect on the past, present and future. Figuring out what has been working and what may need to be changed can serve as a catalyst for positive change.


Keeping up your resolution promotes self-esteem and empowerment! Making resolutions and maintaining them can provide the sense of accomplishment that naturally comes through goal-setting and following through. Accomplishing small goals also can boost self-esteem!


Resolutions are ongoing accomplishments that you can share with family and friends. Consider attending an event to reach your goals, such as a class or organizing a gathering with other residents. Having someone to share your successes and struggles with makes your journey that much easier and less intimidating. Regardless of your resolution, take some time to talk to others about their hopes and dreams for this year. What resolutions did they make? Make a list of others’ resolutions and revisit them every month or so. Be encouraging when you notice others struggling to maintain their resolutions, and celebrate when you notice others succeeding!