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National Jukebox Day

National Jukebox Day!

November 24th is National Jukebox Day! There’s something so fun about strolling up to a jukebox, shiny quarters in hand, and flipping through to find a song that speaks to you. Jukeboxes remind us of going out on the town, catching up with friends, and enjoying some of our favorite tunes!

The name jukebox is thought to have come from places called ‘juke houses’ or ‘jook joints.’ In the early 1900s, people congregated inside these establishments to drink and listen to music. In 1889, Louis Glass and his partner William S. Arnold invented the first coin-operated player in San Francisco. By the 1960s, designs had been upgraded to coin-operated models that could accommodate larger selections of songs. The jukebox has such a special place in history.