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Bingo with In2L
We have enjoyed bringing our residents together with the new In2L (It’s Never Too Late), which offers a variety of day-to-day activities designed to keep seniors active and engaged. Our focus is to encourage each individual, foster their unique personalities, and highlight their abilities to construct a positive environment and community, rather than focusing on limitations. Our residents also enjoyed amazing prizes donated by Mrs. Melissa Boone.

Pet Partners Therapy Dogs
It was a treat seeing these amazing therapy dogs on August 10th. Our residents love interacting with the animals, and we know that pet therapy has numerous benefits for our residents. We look forward to hosting them for regular visits.

Music with Floyd/New Armuchee Singers
It was such a nice welcome back visit with these wonderful musicians on August 11th. Our residents enjoyed singing along with the Floyd/New Armuchee Singers. We are so thankful to have them return with their great gospel music.

Exercise Activities
Our residents participate in a variety of exercise activities throughout the month. Our wonderful Physical Therapist leads activities with our residents twice weekly. Gennie leads cardio drumming weekly which consists of drumsticks, an exercise ball, and an exercise ball stand to create what we think is one of the most fun workouts you’ll ever do.

Watermelon and Root Beer/Coke Socials
We have been soaking up every last minute of summer with our fun socials in the courtyard.

Fun Music with Debbie Light
Debbie Light was a blast as she entertained us with her fun music. You know what they say, they may be the oldies, but they’re still the goodies! We look forward to having Debbie back for monthly visits.