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In January, we recovered from Christmas and stayed cozy watching movies. We also started making Valentine’s Day crafts! Residents made heart-shaped dolls and each of them had a different name. A personal favorite was named “Peppermint.”

MLK Day was a good reminder of all that Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. Our residents made cards for local EMS workers that were given to them as a thank you for all they have done for the community during the ongoing pandemic.

This month we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day and you can find a Valentine’s Day decorated tree in Pathways. It has messages written on it by the residents to their loved ones. Mardi Gras is also coming up and we’ve got some activities planned to celebrate!

We’re keeping ourselves busy and we’re having a lot of laughs as we do.

We’d also like to say welcome to our new residents! We’re so glad to have you. Please, let us know how we can make sure you’re having a good time here. We’re alway here for you!