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Remember It’s Important to Take Care of You

The holiday season is such an exciting time– lots of things to look forward to, sharing traditions with family and friends, meals, gifts, gatherings (with distancing measures in place for safety, of course). The holidays can also be a time of great stress. Maybe you overbook yourself and try to do too much, maybe you overextend yourself in other ways. We’re here to remind you that self-care is imperative, and especially during this, the busiest time of the year. Try some of these self-care tips to keep your season merry and bright, but also healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

1– Morning Routine
It’s a great idea to have a morning routine during any time of the year, but this can be especially helpful during the holiday season. Set aside a little time at the beginning of each day just for yourself. Maybe you journal, or meditate, or have a little quiet time with your coffee or hot tea. It’s a great way to set your intentions for the day while also cleansing your mind of seasonal stresses.

2– Respect Your Budget
It’s so easy to overspend during the holidays. Holiday gifts, treats, and spoiling your loved ones comes naturally, but you don’t want to get yourself into a bind financially. Be mindful of your holiday spending, and set a budget for gifts and such, so as to avoid the stress that follows overspending.

3– Use the “One In, One Out” Rule!
Tis the season of gift-giving! Things can tend to get cluttered easily during the holiday season, and living with clutter can be very stressful. One easy way to mitigate this is using the one in, one out rule. When you receive a gift or treat or add a new decoration to your space, make sure you also try to let something else go. It’s a little easier to find some balance this way. Apply the rule to gifts, clothing, decorations, and more to combat the clutter in your space.

4– Eat Well
This doesn’t mean to forego your favorite holiday treats and sweets. It’s ok to indulge a little and enjoy the merriment of the season. That said, it’s also really important to continue eating well. Try to remember to eat greens with each meal, don’t feel like you always have to clean your plate, and enjoy those most decadent holiday dishes in moderation.

5– Regift!
The best gifts are often the least expensive ones. Sometimes you can even repurpose something you already have to make a friend or loved one feel special during the holidays. Regift your favorite, well-worn book and write a meaningful inscription inside the cover, or remind someone near and dear to you of a favorite memory you have by sharing an old photograph. ‘It’s the thought that counts’ isn’t just a saying– it’s the truth.

No matter how you practice self-care, we hope you’ll set aside time for you during these busy remaining months of the year. Just remember, sometimes slow is okay. Slow can be healthy.