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Exciting New Tech Opens Possibilities for Rome Memory Care Residents

We are excited to share a unique digital tool that opens worlds of new experiences and learning for our residents at Riverwood Senior Living. The iN2L (“It’s Never Too Late”) system combines the simplicity of apps, designed especially with seniors in mind, with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface to open all sorts of possibilities.

The retired air pilot can relive the experience of landing a jet using a flight simulator. A senior missing family and friends across the country can connect via webcam or email to share photos and strengthen connections. A Memory Care resident needing therapy can pass time by getting lost in engaging and fun activities to stimulate the mind and increase cognitive ability. A senior confined to a wheelchair can virtually travel the world.

More than Just a Computer Connected to the Internet

rome ga memory careThis iN2L system is built with a touchscreen, allowing seniors to easily navigate through all the content finding what they deem enjoyable and engaging, regardless of their level of care or ability. Whether the activity is performed as a group or an individual, residents will enjoy cognitive, spiritual, physical, and social benefits.

Residents can create a personalized page that contains information about their lives, and the content that they have found enjoyable. Whether it’s music or games to pass the time, trivia to stir memories, education to learn new things, or content to enrich their spirituality, this new system will enhance the quality of life of Riverwood residents.

The Future is Now at Riverwood

This sort of touchscreen kiosk system is still extremely rare among senior living communities, adding to the list of amenities that make Riverwood the best choice for Rome GA retirement living, according to Jackie Holmes, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Riverwood’s parent company, Riverwood Senior Living.

“(The iN2L system) addresses all of the dimensions of wellness – the recreational, the spiritual… And it’s superior to just having a dedicated space in the community where residents can use a shared computer because of the physical barriers and difficulty of use. From a physical standpoint, the height of the kiosk can be adjusted so that someone standing or using a wheelchair can use the touchscreen equally well,” Holmes said.

“Riverwood is one of several Riverwood Senior Living communities getting the new system. Companywide training is happening now, incorporating insight from Teepa Snow, an internationally known trainer and speaker on the topic of Alzheimer’s care. We plan to employ her comprehensive videos into our training programs for our caregivers. These videos cover everything from unique approaches to engaging our residents into participating in planned activities or redirecting a resident that’s having some challenging behaviors,” explained Riverwood Senior Living COO Jeff Clay.

Family Encouraged to Learn More and Participate

Friends and family of Riverwood Senior Living residents are encouraged to use the capabilities of this new system for emails, sharing photos, Skype sessions, and much more. We believe doing so can greatly enhance the quality of life for residents and help us offer an even greater value. To learn more and make Riverwood and Rome GA Your New Home call us at (706) 235-0807, or arrange a free consultation.

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