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Best Places for Seniors to Live

For seniors looking ahead and trying to decide on possible places to settle into the next chapter of life after the kids are grown and moved out, Rome Georgia offers a lot of appealing things. It’s good to know that when needed, Riverwood Senior Living is right there to offer an exceptional retirement living experience.

Things to Consider when Planning to Relocate

best places for seniors to live Rome GA

Berry College.

For most of us, it’s not just a matter of throwing a dart at a map and picking everything up to move there. There are arrangements to be made that must fit within our retirement savings, access to future healthcare we may need, affordability, a pleasant climate, appealing things to do, and perhaps most importantly, a sense that we are tied to our existing roots and support system. Let’s look at each of these factors and how Rome GA and Riverwood Senior Living fit the bill.

Family and Friends

Rome is a short drive from Atlanta, which is THE regional hub for professionals. This means grown sons or daughters in their prime career years have great opportunities to do pretty much whatever they might want and earn a good living. It also means that visiting a loved one based in Rome is a simple matter of getting in the car and making a short drive north rather than a major ordeal requiring air travel during busy holidays. Rome is also appealing to teenage grandchildren you might want living here or visiting more frequently. It can be difficult to transition from the comforts and familiarity of home to an assisted living community, but Riverwood does offer family peace of mind that a loved one will be safe and secure, receiving compassionate care and a stimulating retirement experience.

Cost of Living

The median income in Rome, GA is $34,874 and the median home value is $123,200, which should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability. Riverwood offers options to help seniors pay for residing at our community.


best places for seniors to live Rome GAQuality of life considerations must include places and activities to fill time and bring enjoyment.

Fun things about Rome include visiting:

  • The Rome Braves Stadium
  • Martha Berry Museum, a museum honoring Martha Berry, the founder of Berry College
  • Rome Area History Museum
  • Chieftains Museum (Major Ridge Home), a museum of Cherokee history, honoring chief Major Ridge and other leaders
  • Clock Tower, a clock tower museum
  • Rome Symphony Orchestra, the oldest symphony orchestra in the southern United States

Rome offers a lot of the same things that Atlanta does, just on a smaller scale, without many of the aspects that can make urban living unappealing to anyone except the young. And it’s almost worth moving here just so you can joke to your friends that you’ve gone to the city in Georgia rather than the Rome where the Pope lives. Kidding aside, living at Riverwood means joining a community of peers and participating in social opportunities, trips, and planned activities.


There’s a good reason folks up north like spending their winters in the south. We experience the occasional snow, but it isn’t nearly as plentiful with an average high of 53 degrees and a low of 31 in the month of January. The flip side is adapting to highs in the low 90s during the summer, which is why they invented air conditioning! At Riverwood, we have systems in place to make sure our residents are comfortable.


Although a senior may be in great health now, the future prospects for needing specialized care as we age should be considered in long-term planning. Rome is well known for its regional medical communities, particularly Floyd Medical Center, Redmond Regional Medical Center, and the Harbin Clinic. Partnering with these communities for physician development and medical education is the Northwest Georgia Clinical Campus of The Medical College of Georgia, which is part of Georgia Health Sciences University.

Make Riverwood and Rome GA Your New Home

Sold yet? We aim to win you over. Call us at 706-235-0807 to set up a tour of Riverwood and learn more about what our community, and the larger Rome community, have to offer.

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