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Why is Social Health Important for Seniors?

We all get a little lonesome sometimes — a forgotten birthday, a business trip in an unfamiliar city, trying to make friends after a cross-country move. While loneliness can, and does, affect people of all ages, seniors are especially vulnerable dues to a variety of factors that can actually have a big impact on their health. This is an area in which assisted living can make a big difference.

Helping seniors make and maintain social connections is good for the heart in more ways than one, not to mention the rest of the body.

Important Social Connections

Focus on Social Health at Our Rome GA Assisted Living CenterThere are a variety of reasons that seniors are extra vulnerable to loneliness. They might live far away from family, discovering that the city where they retired is no longer as convenient, accessible, or socially connected as it once was. They might live alone and have trouble with daily tasks that make it easier to get out and about, from driving to fixing their hair. Seniors might also feel self-conscious about their appearance, mobility issues, trouble with speech or hearing, or other effects of aging.

That’s understandable —- change is hard, especially when it’s tied up in the most personal parts of your life. The key to avoiding or overcoming loneliness, however, means being honest with yourself and loved ones about the causes and finding solutions together.

If mobility or disability accessibility is a factor, for example, a senior living community can be a great solution.

Our Rome GA Assisted Living Center Makes Life Easier & More Enjoyable for Seniors

Rather than needing rides from friends or family or relying on public transit or disability transportation services that can be expensive or inconvenient, seniors at retirement communities are in the middle of all the action. There are regular rides to fun activities like movies, the park, restaurants, and shopping that help seniors feel independent and maintain the routines they’re used to. There are people to share meals with throughout the day, not to mention common room activities.

That support network adds up to more than just a welcoming environment. It’s as good for the body as it is for the soul.

According to one study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), seniors 60 years old and older who reported feeling lonely were as much as 45% more at risk for becoming deceased. Not only that, lonesome participants were 59% more likely to experience mental and physical decline.

Essentially, lonely seniors are more likely to become sicker and more isolated as their lonesomeness increases. What starts as a vague sense of unease can snowball into depression and worsen physical maladies, too. That, in turn, can make it even harder for seniors to connect with others and tend to their own needs, exacerbating the whole cycle.

Riverwood Senior Living Fosters Social Connections in Rome GA Seniors

Fortunately, senior living communities like Riverwood Senior Living provide a holistic solution that addresses concerns about seniors’ mental and physical health. Living with other seniors and caring, supportive staff can help seniors stay independent, in their routines, and feeling like themselves. We all get lonesome sometimes, but there’s no need to spend the majority of your golden years feeling stuck. If you’re concerned about feeling lonely or think a loved one might be having a hard time, discussing a senior living community could be the first step toward a change for the better.

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