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As our parents age, it is natural to worry about their safety and welfare. It becomes a real challenge to dedicate the time to check on them regularly to make sure their home is free of hazards and they are managing the chronic health conditions that can naturally occur in the human body over decades. We rely on modern medicines to manage things like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and respiratory diseases. A “senior moment” of forgetting to take one’s medicines can lead to a rush to the Emergency Room to get their health under control.

Frightening moments like that can be the impetus for a family seeking to relocate a parent to an Assisted Living community like Riverwood. It’s reassuring to know that someone we love can receive the care and attention they need – without the expense of a nursing home or giving up the comforts of a home-like environment.

Our residents at Riverwood receive excellent care that includes medication reminders, scheduled activities to get exercise, and meal plans that factor in their nutritional needs. Our care providers make sure residents take their medications at the right times and proper dosages. They also work with healthcare providers to coordinate medication regimens from multiple prescribers since undesired drug interactions can aggravate conditions. The inclusion of over the counter drugs also factors into the resident’s care.

Riverwood Assisted Living Community Senior Medication

When a family considers an Assisted Living Community like Riverwood, they are looking for a safety net to balance the physical security of their loved one with the psychological need to remain independent for as long as possible. Residents enjoy having their own apartments and being around others with a similar life experience. The friendships made at Riverwood boost longevity as much as the pills they take, so seniors are not merely surviving but thriving. Maintaining one’s quality-of-life is important when making a dramatic change in lifestyle.

Seniors love not having to worry about whether they remembered to take their medications. After a lifetime of taking care of everyone else, they are finally free of such anxieties when a compassionate caregiver is tasked with their wellbeing. Riverwood also offers our residents transportation to and from their physicians or pharmacy so driving is no longer a worry. It’s about respecting their dignity and need for privacy while also making sure they are safe and secure in our care.

Prior to distributing medications to residents, their doses are carefully arranged in blister packs that specifically list the resident’s name, what the medication is, what it is for and the times at which it must be administered. This ensures quality of care throughout the day, even as one caregiver is replaced by another.

We know that our residents are precious to their families, just as we consider them very special to us. We take great enjoyment from knowing that we can have a meaningful impact on improving the quality of life for seniors and give their families relief from the stresses of trying to take care of aging parents on their own.

To learn more about Riverwood Senior Living and arrange a tour of our community, call 706-235-0807 or fill out the forms on this website.

Written by: Steven Stiefel