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18522481_sWhat does it mean to become a part of the “Riverwood Family”?

It is about gaining a sense of belonging in a place where like-minded seniors enjoy fun, active lifestyles in retirement years.

Our community is a great place for seniors to make new friends and share in experiences. In February, our scheduled activities include an outing to Belk’s to shop on Senior Day, a FUNTastic Friday Mardi Gras Party, a lunch outing to Red Lobster, entertainment by guitarist Jay Crider, a Valentine’s Day party, a Family night dinner, and more. In March, we’re planning a St. Patrick’s Party with Dale Norman, and Cooking with Phil & Frances, among other things. There are always birthdays to celebrate and new faces to welcome around here.

Our “Riverwood Family” consists of many friends sharing in this fun. “Enriching quality of life is very important to us! We are striving to make this our number one goal in 2016!” said Executive Director Regina Wright.

Seniors want to feel secure and enjoy a fun-filled lifestyle. Riverwood works to provide a higher quality of life than found at home or other retirement communities. We believe families of seniors desire the peace-of-mind of having someone to love and care for the one they love and care for.

Making new friends is a matter of having conversations with people to determine whether you have common backgrounds, values or acquaintances. Making new friends is part of the process of settling in to any new community. Not all new scenarios are so perfectly suited to facilitate introductions and quality time together.

Whether it is attending a church service together or talking about favorite sports teams or recipes, opportunities abound for getting together and enjoying fellowship. Games and crafts provide other chances to interact and be creative.

It can be intimidating to step out of our comfort zones – perhaps leaving the solitude of living alone in a private residence after the death of a spouse or the home becoming an empty nest – but Riverwood is one time when change is a positive. A senior will be happier if he or she approaches this new chapter in life with an open mind and an open heart. Making new friends means comforting others when they are going through a rough time, but they return the favor in our own time of need. Friends help us get through tough times, but they also make daily life more fun. Sometimes they become more than just friends, they become family.

To learn more about Riverwood Senior Living, call (706) 235-0807. We can arrange a tour of the building and give seniors a chance to talk to other residents and make new friends before they’ve even moved in to join us.