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Enjoy the Community Created at Riverwood

What are the benefits of retirement community senior living rather than staying in one’s own home? Turns out, there are quite a lot of benefits!

Aside from the need for help with activities that become more challenging as we age, downsizing and moving to a shared space offers seniors the perks that come with having someone else take care of them after decades of being the caregiver for everyone else in the family. After a lifetime of laboring, our golden years are the time to enjoy a higher quality of life without concerning ourselves with mowing lawns, doing laundry or washing dishes.

It’s a careful balance we strive to achieve as Riverwood senior living community offers a supportive environment that allows staff to keep a watchful eye when necessary and individual apartments to give residents the privacy and dignity they deserve. We work to make this a warm, homelike environment where residents know that their independence won’t vanish simply because they can get a little extra help.

A senior living alone in a home may lack the kind of social interaction that Riverwood excels in providing. Why spend the hours staring at pixels on a TV screen when one can be making new friends and taking part in regular activities like board games and jigsaw, the morning walk club, checkers, Wal-Mart shopping trips, Bible study with Rev. Scott, crafts, trivia, FUNtastic Friday parties, exercise with Tina, church service, musical performances, Bingo, outings to restaurants, and more?

Living alone may also be hazardous if a senior falls or faces a home invasion. Our secure community removes these worries by having support ready at a moment’s notice and precautions in place. We also eliminate anxiety about getting behind the wheel by providing transportation for shopping, sightseeing, activities and medical appointments.

Riverwood’s apartments are unfurnished so downsizing an empty nest does not necessarily mean discarding all of a senior’s precious possessions.

When you take an objective look at it, stripping away anxieties that are natural in fearing life changes, a move to a senior community like Riverwood is actually a heightened state of living. Call (706) 235-0807 to arrange a free consultation and tour of our community.