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rome_center-for-puppetry-arts2_grid_6If you are looking for an activity to enjoy with grandchildren or grandnieces and nephews that’s as fun for them as it is for your child at heart, Rome, Georgia is a great place to be. There’s plenty of exciting family-friendly activities to make summer break something special. Best of all, spending quality time with a special young person in your life is a wonderful way to get to know one another and make new memories for you both to share. Here are five suggestions around the Rome area, from Atlanta to North Georgia, to get you inspired about all the fun you can have:

  • Babies may come from the stork, but Cabbage Patch Kids come from Babyland General Hospital. Nestled in the hills of North Georgia, Babyland makes a fun outing for little ones. Travel to the land of Bunnybees and a magic Cabbage Patch and have the chance to adopt a Cabbage Patch kid of your very own! They put on a great show in which the Mother Cabbage births one-of-a-kind Cabbage Patch Kids, and children have a chance to name the newborns. If the grandkids are still full of energy when you get done, head a little further north to Helen, Georgia where they can explore a Swiss-style village and mine their own gemstones!
  • The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta has a huge array of aquatic animals from sharks to stingrays to jellyfish, penguines, sea otters, sea dragons, and more. If your grandkids love Finding Nemo they’ll love this trip. With an extra ticket for animal encounters you and your little ones can participate in a dolphin training session, and even touch one of these magnificent animals. There are similar encounters that can be booked for penguins and sea otters depending on your preference. Afterwards head to the nearby World of CocaCola for a refreshing treat and a history lesson on how the beverage impacted Atlanta and became one of the most popular in the world!
  • The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta has regular shows that are sure to tickle wee ones and adults alike. From an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling to “Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type” adapted from the book by Doreen Cronin to The Reluctant Dragon, there’s often something new to see. In addition to shows the Center has a puppetry museum where kids can learn hands-on about this ancient art form and diverse cultures from around the world.
  • Older kids will enjoy the High Museum’s world-class exhibits plenty on their own, but smaller children will especially like The Greene Family Learning Gallery, with five hands-on activity areas to teach little ones about Building Buildings, Transforming Treasure, Making a Mark, Sculpting Spaces, and Telling Stories. These experiences are designed to introduce little kids to the main exhibits in the museum in a way geared towards their learning level. The High Museum also offers Discovery Packs that turn a day at the museum into a fun scavenger hunt with puzzles and activities. Going to the museum together is a great way to share what you like best about art and start conversations that will help you get to know one another even better!
  • The Atlanta History Center not only has a slew of information on the city’s exciting story, but also family-friendly programing on everything from Military History to the end of slavery. See historic homes and gardens, learn how people lived in other centuries, and get talking about your own memories from different eras or your military service. Grandkids will love learning about other times through your eyes and you’ll be making new memories in no time.

This is just a small slice of everything Georgia has to offer families. We hope you have a wonderful time exploring and discovering your state from the perspective of the pint-size people in your life!