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7587035There’s no time like the present to get a fresh start. Even after you’ve downsized from a full scale house, it can be easy for stuff to accumulate, and you might notice the clutter more in an apartment than spread out through multiple bedrooms and living spaces. Spring cleaning is the perfect way to make everything feel new again, and to get the most out of your home. Here are five ways you can get started:

  • Organize your medications. Clear out pill bottles of any drugs you’re finished taking or that have expired. Don’t put them in the trash or flush them down the toilet— instead take them to the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office at 2526 New Calhoun Highway. For the remaining medications that you take regularly, put your daily pills into a daily organizer box, or color code the tops of the lids with markers or stickers to make it easier to keep tabs of what you’ve taken and when. This will help you avoid forgetting a medication or accidentally taking too many. Also make sure you’ve got a stock of basic first aid items, or over the counter drugs that you might need occasionally like allergy medicine, cough medicine, etc. Double check with your doctor to make sure that any over the counter medication you might take won’t interfere with your prescription drugs. As you’re sorting through your medicine cabinet, jot down any questions that come up that you might want to ask your doctor about at your next visit. Also make a list of all the medications you take and their dosages in case a family member might need to refer to it in and emergency.
  • Fine tune your most used spaces. Make sure the main walkway through your home is clear of clutter or tripping hazards like rugs, extension cords, piles of papers, etc. If there’s anything about your space that’s been annoying you, go ahead and fix it now instead of living with the frustration. Is the lamp on your bedside table difficult to turn on and off when you’re laying down? Is there a piece of furniture you’re always worried about bumping your knee on? Lightbulb not bright enough by your reading chair? Need a non-slip mat by the door or in the bathroom? Spring is the time to fix all these little annoyances so you can really savor your space the rest of the year.
  • If you enjoy crafts like knitting, model building, painting, etc, you might want to reorganize your materials. Trade out heavy wool yarn for stuff that will be lighter to work with as the weather warms up, throw out old tubes of paint or stiff brushes, and make sure all your pieces are in the right place in your craft bin or tackle box. Spring is such an active time of year when there’s so much to do. Get organized now will help you enjoy more of the season.
  • Refresh your houseplants. They need love, too! Now is a great time to do messy repotting jobs outside, give your houseplants some plant food, adjust where they sit to ensure they’re getting enough light after daylight savings time and the angles of light changing, or even pick up some new plants to enjoy as the season progresses. There’s nothing better than flowers in springtime!
  • Make sure all your important files are up to date and well organized, from medical information to taxes and investment portfolio statements. Spring is a great time to do this as tax day is past and you’re presumably done going through all your financial paperwork for the year. Put it all in a 2014 folder, file or recycle any receipts you’re done with, and make any last adjustments you need to your retirement accounts, savings, etc. It’s as important to spring clean your finances as it is your house! Make sure all of your medical and legal information is up to date, too, and that any loved ones who need a copy of that information have it or know where it’s stored.