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5631050Did you enjoy last month’s tour of 1960s Rome, Georgia in pictures? It turns out that it’s not only fun to walk down memory lane, it’s also good for you. Studies have shown that reminiscing about the past can reduce stress and even depression in seniors. If you want to jump start the benefits of reminiscence and enjoyed being reminded of the Desoto Theater and Rome Drive In, you could start with movies and music from your younger years.

If you had a favorite album or remember seeing a particular movie in theaters, gather some of your fellow residents or curious relatives for a listening party or a film screening. You can get some of your favorite snacks or foods you associate with the year of the movie to enhance the experience. Perhaps you could even dress the part— anything that makes the experience more complete and has you feeling like you’ve traveled back in time.

This could be a great way to get to know fellow residents, friends, and family. You might be surprised who else remembers seeing, say, My Fair Lady or A Fist Full of Dollars at the same theater or frequented the same restaurants and hangouts. You might just find you have even more in common than you think!  This is also a great way to bond with younger family members and introduce them to films and flavors that could become new family traditions.

Is there a movie you saw on a first date with your spouse? One that you took your children to? A live recording of a concert you attended or from the same tour? There are so many ways to revisit these favorites. You can subscribe to a service like Netflix that sends DVDs to your door, rent movies and CDs from your local library, or pick some up at The Movie Shop on 2nd Avenue.

You could even use these movies as a jumping off point to jot down the memories they bring back on paper or via voice or video recorder. Your family will love having your perspective to enjoy along with classic films for years to come. However you choose to reminisce, it will have innumerable benefits for both you and those you love.