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1837779Want to pick up a new skill? Make a special handmade gift for loved ones? Have extra time now that you’re done with your career and the kids are off on their own adult adventures? One of the most exciting things about being a senior is exploring new ways to fill your days. Here are some of our five favorite suggestions:

  • If you loved hobbies like woodworking or home repair and don’t have space for tools and big projects, consider getting in touch with a local furniture resale store or antique shop. Refurbished vintage pieces are very popular right now and stores may need someone with the experience to help repaint, repair, or refinish scuffed or worn items to give them new life. Some shops even offer classes to customers in basic techniques!
  • Recording your memories can be a fun way to experience past adventures and share them with others. Memoirs and personal essays are quite popular these days—your local community college or university may even offer a class that would help you meet new friends, swap stories, and give you a regular writing schedule.
  • Getting active is easier than ever for seniors. Yoga is especially good because it’s easy on joints and helps with flexibility, balance, and muscle tone. Classes with meditation are also great for reducing stress and improving mental function. SpringStone Yoga in downtown Rome, Georgia has several classes that would be great for seniors, including Gentle Yoga, Mindful Yoga & Meditation, Slow Flow yoga, and All Levels. Many gyms now offer yoga classes, too.
  • Mentor a child. Almost all cities have mentorship programs for children and teens. It’s a great way to get involved in your community and make a big difference in a young person’s life. Mentorship is also a fantastic way to share some of your favorite activities with someone else, from hitting the batting cages to sharing a favorite recipe.
  • Tackle your reading list. It might be some fun thrillers you never had time for except at the beach, or maybe you wanted the ability to focus on some denser works of literature. Websites like com are a fun way to track how many books you’ve read and what you thought of them, find new titles you might enjoy, and discuss what you’ve read online.