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6601394Rome GA seniors are looking forward to the Holidays. What’s not to love? The bright lights, cheerful décor and the promise of getting to spend time with loved ones are all wonderful. Families gather to share stories, cook traditional meals, bake gingerbread cookies, sing carols, play games, and more.

To make your holiday go without a hitch, here are a few suggestions from the experts…

If you need to stick to a budget, it’s good to share this with others so they do not lavish you with something more extravagant. On the flip side, experts say grandparents should check with parents before spending a lot of money or buying something that they’ve already acquired for their child. “Gift escalation” can hurt your pocketbook, but putting the brakes on spending by setting a limit on spending shouldn’t hurt anyone’s ego. Explain that this is a time to spend with family, not buy lots of things. Family can agree to simply exchange cards or go out to lunch. It can be cheaper to bring one inexpensive gift to a family gathering and draw numbers.

The folks at RealSimple.com suggest going in on a gift with (and for) your family such as renting a cabin in the Smokies or a beach house for a week. Toys and sweaters are forgotten but memories of time spent together are forever.

Put some thought into your gift by considering the interests, hobbies and collectibles of the intended recipient. Using a wish-list from a website eliminates the need for much detective work. If you just aren’t sure what to get them, giving cash or a gift card is not as impersonal as it might sound. Teenagers, in particular, prefer to have spending money to use as they please.

Giving savings bonds each year or experiences rather than things are two ways of being original. Tickets to the Rome Symphony Orchestra or an amusement park can generate an excuse to spend time with grandchildren while stimulating their minds as well.

Rome seniors can also use the occasion to promise a young family member they will one day inherit a family keepsake like a piece of antique furniture.

Aside from the exchanging of gifts, Christmas is really about preserving traditions and passing along rituals to young ones so they can do the same someday. The holiday is about strengthening connections with loved ones.

We wish all of our residents, staff and their families a wonderful Christmas!