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2792990There comes a time for many adults when they feel they need to talk to their parents about the future. Maybe mom or dad need help with daily tasks or their health isn’t what it used to be.

Sometimes it is the parent who realizes this and brings it up in conversation.

Either way, it can be an emotional and difficult talk to have for all parties involved for two reasons: First, none of us like to think we are losing our independence and second, retirement living is a big transition.

A good way to approach it is with empathy and an open mind. There’s really no reason to be adversarial when the goal is the same for everyone: For the loved one to feel both safe and fulfilled. That doesn’t stop some seniors from getting defensive if they feel as if the idea of leaving their home is being forced on them. Better to be shown than told that this is a positive and exciting transition: More about beginning an exciting new chapter than closing the current one.

Without properly researching the next step, the future can seem full of uncertainties, leading to unpleasant and defensive reactions from anyone who might feel that they aren’t given good options to choose from.

One of the best options is Senior Living at Riverwood Retirement Community. Absent health conditions serious enough to require the skilled medical care provided by a nursing home, the senior lifestyle at Riverwood is offers new friendships and opportunities for staying active with fun things to do. Family gains the peace of mind that comes from knowing the elder can thrive rather than merely survive. Our residents can get help with such things as bathing, dressing and supervision of medications within an environment that truly feels homelike.

Our community provides Rome seniors with social interaction at a reasonable cost while they have the opportunity to live as independently as possible. Being safe and secure while enjoying privacy and dignity is really the best of both worlds.

As parents inevitably age, Riverwood can continue to be their new home with our Pathways Memory Care providing continuity of care. This means not having to put a loved one through the stress of relocating yet again.

If a parent is still resistant to the idea of moving to a retirement community, experts say you should encourage a visit to one. Seeing is believing, and once the senior speaks to some of our current residents, we’re confident they’ll warm to the idea, especially if it is something to do down the road rather than immediately.  You may be tempted to procrastinate for as long as possible, but this is one conversation that’s better had sooner than later.

With misconceptions put to rest and new adventures ahead of them, you may find your mom and dad actually embracing the transition and eager to start the process.

To get more tips for moving a parent to senior living, contact Riverwood at (706) 235-0807 to speak with one of our care counselors today. We can arrange a free tour and consultation to get the ball rolling. To learn more, visit https://www.riverwoodretirement.com/rome-elderly-care-resources/free-consultation