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blog1While Florida and Arizona are the best known retirement havens, with North Carolina close behind, the other Southern states don’t get nearly enough credit for being a super deal for seniors without sacrificing fun. Marketwatch highly rated Georgia in particular as a Southern state worth considering for retirement, noting that anyone focused solely on Florida “may be overlooking an option that’s both interesting and less overrun: Georgia, Florida’s neighbor to the north.”

The article goes on to point out that “While Georgia does have income tax, the state’s rules are favorable to retirees– $65,000 of retirement income, which includes income from IRAs and 401(k)s, is exempt for those 65 and up.” On top of that, Social Security benefits aren’t taxed. The relatively low sales tax doesn’t apply to food or prescription drugs, and is only 4%. Factor in a few property tax breaks for income eligible seniors, and you have quite a package of benefits that give you more leeway when deciding how to handle your estate and investments.

All of this is one top of Georgia’s fair climate, natural scenery, and plenty to see and do. Rome is a short drive from both Chattanooga, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia. With all the money you’ll save on tax benefits, you can spend more time enjoying Turner Field, the Atlanta Botanical gardens, the Fox Theater, the High Museum, Hamilton Place Mall, the Tennessee Aquarium, and more.