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blog5There is the old phrase “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” That’s why it’s so important to maintain your activity levels and excitement about the things in your life as you get older. Keep using your body, heart and mind for fun and making great things happen, even after your pre-retirement roles change. Just as exercise helps you stay limber, strong and healthy well into old age, so does exercising your sense of fun and involvement in the world around you.

Exercise classes can accomplish all of these goals, as can many other activities offered at retirement communities. Enjoy fun gatherings like snow cones on the patio or the events put together in honor of Active Aging Week, which is September 23-28th. Riverwood, for example, has programming for intellectual, emotional, spiritual, occupational, and social wellness in honor of the important role older adults play in all sorts of communities, whether it is vocational, geographic, or cultural.

You can also get involved in your broader community. Rome Georgia has many opportunities for fun, physical activity, and involvement around town. Boys and Girls Clubs of Northwest Georgia welcome volunteers who can assist with events, creating activities, and maintaining the club communities. Volunteer at the Red Cross, homeless shelters, or the Humane Society. There are so many ways you can do something meaningful and important, often with the skills you used in your career, but on your schedule and to your capability.

Whether it’s something fun like a golf game or an outing to the movies or volunteering somewhere with a mission, both your senior living community and your city at large provide numerous opportunities to do all the things that keep you young.