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blog7We all accumulate clutter in our lives. The longer we live in one place it is easier for the little things to pile up, like old clothes that have never fit or looked right, old makeup, receipts and bills saved well past when we might need them, magazines, and more. Downsizing is a great opportunity to free yourself from this clutter. What better time than when you are starting retirement or considering joining a senior community to start fresh without all that extra baggage?

The best place to begin downsizing is by going through all that excess. It doesn’t have to be a big job that takes over your whole life—start with one junk drawer, file box, or medicine cabinet at a time! You’ll be surprised what you might find—nail polish that has separated, soaps and shampoo from hotels you’ve traveled to, tchotchkes gifted by friends that are well-meant but not your favorite, socks without mates—all kinds of clutter! You’ll be amazed at how much lighter you feel to be without the things you had no use for that were filling up your home.

From there you can base your downsize on what you’d like your new home to be like. Think about the space you’ll have and how you’ll want to use it. Think about lifestyle changes you might undergo. For example, many retirement communities provide some meals or housecleaning services. That will affect what you take with you. You might be moving closer to your grandchildren, which means you might want a few toys at your new home for the kids to enjoy when they are over. If you’re moving to a new region, you might need to pack plenty of hats and swimsuits, or get rid of your snow boots and heavy winter coats.

Downsizing might sound like a chore but it won’t be with focus, organization, and a little fun. Everyone can find some enjoyment in going through old memories and looking forward to new beginnings! Downsizing is the perfect way to reminisce and anticipate all at once!