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blog14When someone you care about begins to have trouble remembering things, it is both emotionally and logistically difficult. Everyday tasks can be harder for your loved one to accomplish, and relationships may suffer. It is especially hard when Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other memory challenges reach such a degree that you can no longer manage your loved ones condition without outside assistance. Recognizing that moment can be complicated by the fact that, as the Alzheimer’s Foundation points out, those with dementia are not as able to understand or appreciate all the aspects of placement in residential care.

The decision to seek out a memory care community can be made easier on you and your loved one by doing a little research ahead of time. A full medical exam, both physical and mental, will give you a lot of information that will come in handy as you inquire about the details of care at each community, and that different residences may need to know. You can also save time and stress if you make a list of questions before interviewing different residences. Some topics we suggest including are:

  • What safety measures are in place to protect your loved one? Is the community prepared to prevent wandering and elopement, or to handle visitation with discretion to reduce the possibility of abuse or fraud?
  • Is the residence designed with your loved one’s needs in mind, from safe, accessible bathrooms in the apartments to layouts that can reduce stress on those with memory challenges?
  • Are the staff fully vetted? What background checks does the residence require? Do the staff have any special certifications in memory care?
  • Does the residence structure its activities and therapies with the needs of those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other conditions in mind? Are there a variety of options for those at different levels of ability? Is there a degree of routine to help reduce stress?

At Riverwood’s Pathways Memory Care, we partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association in order to enhance the quality of life for our seniors experiencing various levels of cognitive challenge. Our extensively-trained staff will work closely with you to create a personalized program of care and support for your family member. The Alzheimer’s Association, as well as local medical experts in the field, provide extensive continuing education and support to all of our staff. Our mission at Pathways Memory Care is to exceed the standard for memory care.